Poly/Dyneema bonded, ultra snagless
laser cut nosepiece

Concealed, snagless lower spreader
openings with soft tapered connectors.

Clearcoated, tapered, wrapped graphite lower spreaders.
T2 wrapped graphite spine. 6mm pultruded carbon top spreader.

Proprietary yo-yo stopper
clean and aimed back at 45degrees.

Snag-free wing tips.

Extended bridle leads.
This means less wear to the end of your lineset.

Quick adjust bridle made utilizing
P-core/Dacron sheath round braid bridle line.

Invisiclear mylar from the nose to tail weight.
No stretch, no tear, no see.

Proprietary soft rubber standoff connectors
large diameter (3mm) fray resistant standoffs
screw to sail style connectors.

20 gram proprietary quick change spine weight included.
Other weights available separately.

Snagless, concealed upper spreader opening
Bridle connection is simple and snagfree
Soft, tapered connector

Double stitched, Invisiclear Mylar reinforcement
with double trailing edge reinforcement at standoffs
No tear, no wear, no stretch

Dacron reinforced from center "T" to Velcro spine
with quick release Invisiclear Mylar reinforcement
on backside from nose to Velcro.

Includes heavy canvas, fold top,
carry sleeve and a Velcro wrap