Ocean Shores Kites



OSKUSA Vectrivo high-modulus flyline. Currently available as 40, 90, 150*, 250lb*.

This is a compressed and coated, braided line with a superior lifespan. Vectriva is a ultra-thin diameter for its strength and therefore has extremely low wind resistance with multi-line kites.
Our locked braid keeps the line from picking up foreign particles that will loosen the braid, cause friction, and wear out the line prematurely.
It has been our experience with literally thousands of Vectriva line sets, that OSK Vectriva will not need to be re-adjusted after use**.

*(150 & 250lb line sets arecurrently only available as dual sets)
**(With exception of our 250lb braid, sorry, it’s a different braid of more strands and will likely need to be adjusted after use).

Price List

Line Set


40lb x 50ft x 2 $19.98
40lb x 65ft x 2 $21.98
90lb x 65ft x 2 w/ Wriststraps $34.98
90lb x 85ft x 2 w/ Wriststraps $39.98
150lb x 100ft x 2 w/ Wriststraps $49
250lb x 100ft x 2 $58
40lb x 80ft x 4 $59
90lb x 65ft x 4